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Our Services​

Customisation to fulfil your requirements

Dronocopter is a one-stop solution and its Design & Development requires it to be customized as per the specific area or application that it will be employed. For such customization of drone helicopter systems as per the requirements of its clients is one of the features that sets Skygear Aviation apart from other players in the market. We have different payload developed applications The core group also works with customized payload.

For any drone system, customization is subject to its maximum payload capacity, which, in case of Skygear’s Dronocopter is a fair 15 kilograms. This makes the Dronocopter highly customizable for a wide range of applications ranging from being your ‘eyes in the sky’ to your ‘emergency logistic support

Besides designing and manufacturing of fully customizable drone systems from scratch, Skygear also offers its own products as systems rental for specific areas of application. Such systems rental service offered by Skygear provides immense relief to individuals or organizations looking for drone helicopter services in emergency situations or for one-time use applications.

Compact, Unmanned & Autonomous;

The Perfect Candidate For Any Aerial Operation

Thoughtfully Developed Software Seamlessly
Integrated Into The System

Skygear develops its own softwares to achieve desired results from the Dronocopter(UAV). We have developed softwares so that it is easy to manage, the highly complex mechanisms of UAV. Users can fly Dronocopter even in fierce environment without any dificulties. From flawless integration of sensors in the drone systems to setting instructions for Autonomous operations can be manged using our specially designed softwares.

Developing programmer Team Development Website design and coding

Our Modular Payload

Simple & Modern Style

  • Possibility of integrating the infrared camera with vision camera fusion for people searching.
  • Fire monitoring and detecting.
  • Integration of the latest payloads generation according to specific needs and missions.
  • Customizable mission planning assistance with Path optimization algorithms.
  • TCP-IP integration with payload functionalities.

Modular Payload

SAR: Frotnum True View Radar Model DAA-R220 Key Specification Detect, Track & Classify
LIDAR: Airborne Leaser Scanning with faster mapping, Accurate & Efficient


Robust Partnering -
Training & Development

Training solution

  • Training pilot Academy (2-3 weeks )
  • Training Payload op. Academy (1-2 Weeks)
  • Maintenance Training Academy (2-3 weeks)

The courses can also be held at the customer’s premises and partially via Skype

Operation & Maintainance

Operating a drone helicopter system can be a perplexing task. It, therefore, requires certain technical skills and assistance from a team of highly skilled professionals. Having dedicated years of hard work towards the development and improvement of UAVs and drones, the Skygear team has become adept at delving into the technicalities of operating and flying various drone helicopter systems.
There is one more aspect to the story of owning a drone and that is its scheduled timely maintenance. The team of professionals at Skygear possesses sound know-how of the maintenance requirements of various drone helicopter systems. The maintenance services offered by Skygear include:-
(i) Engine check
(ii) Engine MTBM
(iii) Trasmission belt replacement
(iv) Actuator replacement
(v) Batteries replacement
(vi) Avionic box inspection
(vii) Rotor blades replacement