Find Drones At It’s Finest With Skygear

Skygear was an Idea of two young brains, which has taken shape of a vibrant & dynamic organization in the last 2 years. Today it has an alliance of a team of professionals from different parts of the Globe, who do pioneer work in Aviation Industries.

Skygear is a Joint Project Between 2B Motori Moderni Italy & Skygear Aviation India.

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We Provide Especially For You

Safety, High Endurance & Performance and Best in Class Technology 

Drone Helicopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – Vertical Takeoff & Landing

Safety & Comfort

  • Safety-Critical Redundance
  • Easy Maintainability
  • Easy Transportability (In any Van or Pick-up)

Low Cost & Any Time

  • Flight Operations under difficult or Dangerous Circumstances.
  • Low Operation Cost with easy of operation

High Performance

  • Endurance up to 10 hrs deepening on payload
  • Payload (Useful load): 15 Kg
  • Plug & Play Modular Payload

Modular Payload

  • Parachute Enable
  • Plug & Play Payload
  • Emergency Flight Termination Systems

Dronocopter working seemlessly
in various terrains​

Providing finest aerial robotic solutions.

We produce cutting-edge Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) / drone systems tailored to user requirements. utilising over ten years of research and development expertise in the creation of new airframes, autopilots, communication frameworks, monitoring stations, and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.