01 Melting

Forging the Foundation:
The Melting Phase in Steel Manufacturing

Eco-friendly Steelmaking:
Reducing CO2 Emissions with
Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF)
using scrap as input

35 Ton Ultra High Power ELECTRIC ARC FURNACE

  • Automatic Ferro alloy feeding system
  • 35 Ton Ultra High Power furnace with a 25 MVA transformer.
  • Capable of continuous feeding of DRI, Lime & Coke.
  • EBT for Slag Free Tapping help us for production of clean Steel
  • T-T-T in EAF is less than 75 min. 
  • The use of EAFs allows us to make steel from almost 100% scrap metal feedstock. This greatly reduces the energy required to make steel when compared with primary steelmaking from ores.

Electric arc furnace steelmaking using scrap as input results in lower carbon dioxide emissions of around 0.6 ton CO2 per ton of steel produced, which is significantly lower than the conventional production route via blast furnaces and the basic oxygen furnace.