Shaping Steel with Precision:
The Rolling Phase for Achieving Desired Thickness

Continuous Mill-HV configuration
  1. Re-heating furnace (25 TPH) with PLC controlled combustion system.
  2. 28″ Roughing mill-2 stands.
  3. 12 stand HV mill.
  4. Rack type & Turnover type cooling beds.
  5. Auto end cutting & chamfering.
  6. On-line Dimensional measurement.

Advantages of New Rolling Mill

  • The new mill is at par with Global Rolling benchmark levels.
  • USP of the mill – Capable to achieve Higher Reduction Ratio – Input Bloom size 320 x 250mm and 200×200- – ensures Good Internal soundness, microstructure, grain size & surface quality of steel
  • 12 Stand Continuous Horizontal Vertical Mill with Automated operations, no manual interventions
  • Good Surface Quality of rolled bars (flaws within 0.5% of section).
  • Close Dimensional Tolerance (within half of the standard limits).
  • Cooling beds Rake type to facilitate uniform cooling and microstructure of the steel
  • Straightness – controlled within 3 mm/mt
  • Auto end cutting & chamfering of ends.