Our Products

Unleashing the Power of Steel:
Unrivaled Product Range for Every Need

Product Mix

  • Plain Carbon Steels
    [Low Carbon, Medium Carbon, High Carbon]
  • High Manganese Steels
  • Chrome Steels
  • Chrome Manganese Steels
  • Chrome Moly Steels
  • Chrome Nickel Moly Steels
  • Chrome Nickel Steels
  • Case Hardening & Through Hardening Steels
  • Bearing Steels
  • Spring Steels [ Silico Manganese & Chrome Vanadium]
  • Free Cutting Steels
  • Boron Steels
  • MicroAloyed Steels
  • Any other customized grades.


Wide range of cast, rolled and bright bar products

Cast Blooms
250mm X 320mm X 250mm
250mm x 200mm X 200mm
20 mm to 118 mm

Cast Billet
160mm x 160mm
130mm x 130mm

(Round Corner Square)
42mm to 140mm

Rolled Bars
Rounds 15mm to 152mm